About Us


It doesn’t matter if you are a local or a tourist, finding the right place to experience great coffee, meal or nightlife has become increasingly difficult. “What’s Rollin” was created exactly to solve such matter, providing you information about cafés, restaurants and clubs in your city.

We want to bring the communication between our clients and end users to the highest level, so that the both sides are more than satisfied. You can see directly what’s rollin’, by using the live stream. If you’re not sure if the place is enough romantic for your date night, then just take a look at the 360 pictures of the venue! Also, you can find the connected Facebook & Instagram feed so as the discounts & promotions and pricelists & menus.

The best thing? You become a part of a HUMANITARIAN project

Our signed-up locations will be hosts for crowdfunding events where we will organize monthly charity events. As a result, you will be involved in several humanitarian projects and you’ll donate to Swiss humanitarian organizations maybe just by drinking a coffee.



“What’s Rollin” is a unique marketing project which consolidates and implements multiple marketing strategies into one, for the purpose of making marketing more efficient.
Using “What’s Rollin” we can connect our clients and end users in the best and most innovative ways.

We want to bring the communication between our clients and their end users to the highest level, so that the both sides are more than satisfied. We think that increasing transparency of services that our clients provide can help them generate more workload and therefore profit, and that is why we are doing our best to be that link that will connect your business with the huge market potential.

We offer numerous services which you can combine in any way you want. Our servicees include:

– 360 pictures of your venue
– Live streaming
– Facebook feed
– Discounts & promotions
– Pricelists/Menus
– Gallery
– Mobile app
– Instagram feed
– An article about your business
– General info
– Statistics


Your venue gets introduced to a new dimension – on our website, your costumers can see what you have to offer even before they come in person. 360 pictures are a technological innovation which provides your costumers with an opportunity to virtually experience your venue on their computer, smartphone or any other device.

Furthermore, increasingly popular VR glasses make this experience even more breathtaking and they make your advertising more efficient, because the customers will have an impression that they have already visited you.

360 picture and video trend is getting more and more attention all around the globe and we want to use it to make sure that marketing services we provide are in the best benefit for both you and your customers.


Live streaming is another innovation by our team that provides a unique perspective on your business, increasing the number of virtual visits to your venue, which leads to an increased number of visits in reality.

Namely, over the “live stream” option, people can see what is going on in your venue, which will make them interested to see “what’s rollin” more often, by visiting your page on our website.

Using this method, your business will become more and more popular both on our site and on social networks and become more interesting to customers both old and new, so they can see themselves at your venue, share that image on social media and many other benefits that this marketing strategy method brings.


With the “Facebook feed” option we will publish your newest Facebook posts on our website.

This will make comminication between you and your customers better and increase both the likes/followers on your Faacebook page and your page on our website.


On your business’ page we will publish any and all discounts and/or promotions that are currently active at your venue, so that the customers know about them.

Additionally, an e-mail with an announcement about your discounts/promotions will be sent to all visitors of our site without them having to even visit your business’ page.


If you choose the “Pricelists/Menus” option, all the prices of the goods and services you provide would be displayed on your page. You can also choose which items would appear on the menu, so that the menu displays exactly what you want it to display.

Using this transparent method, your customers know what you can offer to them and at what price. Benefits of it are numerous: the customers can pick and choose what they want before they arrive, all the items in your menu will get adittionally marketed, etc.


The pictures that you publish online will be available on your page on our website with this option. Gallery would contain pictures of your venue, items/services that you offer, pictures of events and many more, so that your customers can see the atmosphere and know your style and also know about what kind of events are taking place at your venue.


Using our mobile app, users are able to see all the venues in their vicinity, choose your venue and automatically see all content that you chose to display on your page.

This way, we are able to direct customers to your venue when they are near and make it easier for them to find comfortable place to relax and enjoy themselves.


Just like Facebook, Instagram has a huge number of users and with that also a huge marketing potential. With “Instagram feed” option, we can promote your Instagram page on our website.

Similarly to the “Facebook feed” option, “Instagram feed” will publish your latest Instagram pictures on your page on our website, thus promoting your Instagram profile and increasing the number of your followers on this social media giant.


Once a month, we would publish an article about your business, to make your current and future customers interested in what you have to offer.

In the article we would highlight various specialties and interesting information about your business; from your business’ history, your business philosophy and style, to the services you provide, we will make sure to make your customers know what they can expect to see and experience.